How long does it take?

Our standard website project will take about a week from start to finish if we do not encounter any unforeseen problems. Our enhanced websites can be anywhere upwards of 3 weeks depending on your business requirements.


Can you start over or redo work?

All of our website design projects are based on a set fee to keep the costs to our clients low, while at the same time enabling us to produce work at an above average level of professionalism.

Although we do not mind minor changes, we ask our clients to be respectful of our time and process and not ask us to redo work which has been previously approved.

We follow a step by step process which ensures that you are happy with each page of the website as it is being built. It goes without saying that without your input and co operation these projects do not work for the budget.

But if you do need a more flexible approach we do have an enterprise level service for these business requirements.



What can you do that’s different?

Unlike most other companies providing these services we focus primarily on cost reduction along side increased inquiries. Put simply we guarantee a reduction in your monthly spend. And ensure that you get the best prices possible.



How long does it take to work?

Normally you would start to see results anywhere from 3 to 6 months with our trader service. This will depend on the health of your website, it’s age and other factors.



How does it work?

The process and the timescale is similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) as we have to build up your social media network and audience, if it has not been done already.

But unlike SEO we use your expertise and experience to develop promotions, presentations and utilize modern social media marketing platforms to generate new leads/sales for your business.



Can you help us in a way that is not covered by any of your advertised services?

Our content management service covers most business needs. From renewing website hosting and domains to editing articles before publication. This service can be a completely tailored solution for your business.


Can you deal with other individuals and companies on our behalf?

We are happy to act on your behalf to deal with any technical matters for you. Or even if you simply do not have the time.



Can you make mobile apps?

We are specialist in the development and production of all types of applications. From mobile apps and games to desktop commercial and non commercial applications.