Here we show some of our past and current internet marketing projects. We can support any industry, and our solutions are tailored to whatever your business needs.

This way we can be sure to fulfill our clients’ requirements and improve on what we do for others.

These case studies demonstrate our varied expertise in internet marketing. We are at the cutting edge with the latest techniques, platforms & updates in the internet marketing world.



Poole Key Locksmiths Ltd

A local locksmith service for the Poole area. When we started working on this project the company had an old website that was not performing in their market.

After quite a long time trying to get the website to perform we advised it was time to develop a new website so that we could get rid of all of the historic problems at one time.

Since we built them a new website the rankings have just been going from strength to strength. And they have no gone on to being one of the main locksmiths for Poole.

Africa Challenge Magazine

An independent African magazine focusing on the main issues surrounding the African continent.

Looking to develop it's on-line presence the magazine has been looking to build the right team for a while which had become both costly and time consuming.

With our content management service, they have been able to maintain the operations and reach for their goals at only 20% of the cost of having to do so internally. And they save themselves the time and hassle in managing writers, publishing stories and other online aspects.

VB Garage Doors

An established local garage door specialist, Vincent Barlow had been struggling for a while with his old website. Because although it ranked well it was of poor quality and losing him business.

After spending a short time working on his old website we discovered he had a problem with his web hosting and could not change his old website because of a dispute with a former web designer.

We had to build him a new website and start the SEO process over from scratch. Eventually we get his new website to outrank his old one. Then he discontinued using the old website. No longer has problems with conversions, and now has a higher ranking on Google.co.uk.


A established software development company responsible for producing very successful file encryption and security software packages.

They had not had much success with internet marketing companies in the past. And were looking to put in place a steady formula for online growth for the business. And at a reasonable budget.

We have been slowly implementing the steps required, producing steady and growing results, dealing with any historical problems and building up their sales. Which is exactly what they have asked for.

Brazzaville Zoo

A national reserve park in Brazzaville Africa.

Planned to be built in 2020, this ambitious 10 million pound project is being developed by a number of international NGO's, Charities, Private and governmental organisations.

The founders needed an online source to collaborate ideas and proposals and to visualise the project.

Easy Pickings Locksmiths

One of the most established Locksmiths for the Leeds area. When we first met the owners they were struggling on all sides of the business. We first approached them because we noticed things were not well for them.

They had a website that was not performing although they were spending money on SEO. And it was the same for Google Pay Per Click where they were easily spending over £350 per month.

We immediately audited their entire on-line business expenditure. Helped them decide what they needed to spend money on and what they did not. We eventually had to move their website to a new domain and fix all of it's issues. We reduced their overheads by around 60% or more in their first month while increasing the number of actual enquiries they receive.