The Timescale of SEO: New Businesses

The question “How long does it take to rank page 1 on Google?” is something we’re asked a lot, and its not an easy question to answer. How long it takes depends on an insurmountable number of things, However we will try to break it down for you.


For a brand new business:

In a competitive sector or location, there are plenty of obstacles to overcome, so trying to start from zero and achieve substantial local rankings is likely to take at least 4 months. However, in a non-competitive environment, significant rankings can be achieved at a much quicker rate and even in the first month, some good progress can be made.

If the business is in a high competition location/sector, It will take longer to start ranking on google, as many other people are also trying to fight for that top spot. We most likely expect decent results within 6-9 months.

If the business is in a low competition location/sector, this should take less time, as it means less people are trying to rank for that keyword. We most likely expect decent results within 3-6 months.

However, it generally takes Google 6-10 weeks (possibly more) to to index and insert a brand new listing, let alone have it rank for anything.

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