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Whether you are creating your first Home Page or designing Professional, Mobile Ready Websites you will find that our website design tools are easy to use, yet provide the advanced features you need.

All our SiteSpinner products enable you to create multiple websites, allow you to publish to any web host, and charge no monthly fees.

We have been using SiteSpinner for static & dynamic websites for quite a while at Mark Digital Media.
And as many in the SiteSpinner community are still having difficulty with building WordPress Sites, we decided to share some of the tools we have developed to make the process quick and easy to set-up.

UNDERSCORES_ For SiteSpinner

A popular framework for WordPress website builders, underscores_ is a simple blank theme with much of the technical coding already in place for WordPress. Starter theme’s like this leave the developer more time to spend on design & functions of a website build.

We have converted this starter theme for WordPress as a basis of our own WordPress builds using SiteSpinner, and now it’s available free to the SiteSpinner Community.

This is a starting point for any new WordPress sites. And you can use any type of menu, styling or functions you like.
Instructions can be found here;

Download Underscores_ For SiteSpinner

You may also download a more advanced starter theme for SiteSpinner;

WordPress SiteSpinner Starter Theme

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