Untrustworthy Internet Marketing Companies | Latest Google Adwords ‘Scam’

Burgular_Robber_Theif_clip_art_mediumIt has recently come to our attention that there are some companies offering what seems like quite unbelievable deals using Google adwords.
We were requested by our clients to have a closer look at these & thought it would be worth sharing our findings. And to lift the lid off these £99 per month unlimited click scams


This is an old set-up which some infamous companies have been operating for a few years. They usually then re-brand themselves & start doing it all over again. The main method to this is how the campaigns are setup;

*Low traffic keywords

*Set to show only for the exact keywords (not misspellings & other variations)

*Money spent on the actual advertising is only around £20 of what was paid. (the rest is profit)

This may work to a limited extent for a customer, but is more down to luck than targeting traffic. Recently we have also seen companies offering this on a basis where they will guarantee the top 3 positions for a keyword!

Burning Google Accounts

Upon closer inspection we discovered that the main black hat method behind this is;

*Use a Google adwords voucher then dump the account.
*Use a new voucher on a new account.

This appears to have been the main method as Google used to allow an advert to run without any payment being made.
So with this method an unscrupulous company (or individual) would be able to produce an unlimited budget for a keyword usually forcing the legitimate advertisers to increase their budgets to compensate.
Now that Google have introduced the system wherein you need to spend a minimum of £25 to unlock the credit in a voucher, this has only slowed down the activities of these cheats. But they can still turn a £25 budget into £100 using the current £75 vouchers.

And that added to the other tricks mentioned above can create the illusion of unlimited clicks per keyword.


Only a slight variation on the above, this is usually without the promise of a top 3 position. But the line our clients have heard usually is “Sometimes you will be on the left (top 3 advertising positions), sometimes on the right”
The campaigns are set-up with the same restrictions but this time without a promise of positioning. And again the main reason why this would work for a customer would be more down to luck rather than any kind of competitive activity.
In the tough world of business it is hard not to be tempted by using methods that would potentially save you time & money. But one of the main considerations to take when dealing with these (and any) type of internet marketing company is integrity.

If a company is willing to cheat another’s system, then what is to stop them from cheating you? All of the techniques described involve a lot of technical manoeuvring to get around the protections put in place by the Google systems.
Which means that a lot of their time & resources are put into these adwords set-up. And as Google are always on the lookout of violators of their system, then it is really down to luck whether or not they (your) adverts get found.
And if someone has invested a lot into these companies, it would be fair to say that there can be no expectation that if Google were to close/suspend an account in violation of their policy, that the company will give you your money back. (experience shows you will be lucky if they return your calls).

And not forgetting to mention the problems people have had with companies like this in terms of contractual agreements or ‘dead-end’ cancellation procedures designed to allow the company to take as much money as they can while you are trying to cancel.
I guess what it boils down to is all that glitters is not gold. And although results can be achieved by using some of the above methods, it would be better to do these for yourself at this level.

Or your better off putting the money on a horse!
Hope this helps someone out there.

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