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Refund/Cancellation Policy.

Unless payments are made in advance for a delayed launch of services, once services have commenced there will be no refund for that period. The client/customer has the right to pause or terminate the services in writing or verbally, up to the day prior to services renewing.

For the adwords and Social Media Marketing service the buyer can cancel the agreement with immediate effect and at the end of that calendar month the service will terminate. For the search engine optimization the buyer can cancel the agreement at any time during the service, which will then terminate at the end of the current three month agreement.

You may terminate or pause any of the services right up to the day before the service renews. If you order any services in advance of use, then a full refund will be available up to the day before the start of the service. Once a service has started and the moneys already invested it will carry on until the end of that period where it will then be paused or terminated.


Additional Time & Work.

The usual standalone rate for work will start from £40 per hour unless agreed with the client otherwise. If a change in scope or schedule is required, the client must provide notice including a detailed description in writing of the proposed changes to the Mark Digital Media. Upon receipt of such notice, Mark Digital Media will provide a response within 7 days explaining:

  1. Reason for refusal; or
  2. Adjusted Price and Schedule for the changes

Mark Digital Media is under no obligation to accept any change in scope from this contract. If the client has not agreed to an hourly rate in addition to the payment made.  If an estimate is provided, parties will negotiate in good faith to come to a decision to revise the project based on the changed scope, or to negotiate a separate agreement as appropriate.


If any work is carried out by Mark Digital Media Ltd that is outside of the scope of the project or service carried out by Mark Digital Media, then Mark Digital Media will charge £40 per hour for any additional time worked that has not been paid for.