We are happy to announce the fourthcoming launch of Mark Digital Media’s first NFT collection on Opensea through the polygon blockchain.

Like many, we believe the advantages of Web 3.0 and the NTF space will be a growing asset for all. Our focus is to develop these technologies and platforms to the benefit of all economic stakeholders from future industries to traditional brick and mortar businesses.

Project Roadmap:

2023 Q1: Build market

2023 Q2: Expand into different business industries

2023 Q3: Focus on increasing value to NFT’s

2023 Q4: Develop new tools for brick and mortar businesses

The perks for ownership of the NFT’s are;

20% discount on any service or product

Email consultation on one issue or question

Free 1x Hour 1:1 video consultation

Free website analysis (1x website)

These will be redeemable once for each NFT minted.
Each perk can only be redeemed once per NFT.

0.04 ETH 1x perks
0.08 ETH 2x perks
0.12 ETH 3x perks
0.16 ETH 4x perks

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