These are the ten must-haves for a strategy in order to build an authentic, engaged social media community for your brand

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Get To Know Your Audience:
Get to know your audience demographics, get to know what makes them tick.
find out what publications they read, and where they hang out.

Choose the Right Platforms:
Do your research and get to know how each social media network works, and choose the right ones for your company.
Is your target audience active in the network? Do you have the resources to create the content required for your company?

Define Clear Goals:
Defining goals (and objectives) gives you direction, purpose, and will help you narrow down the main things your company needs.

Identify Keywords and Hashtags:
keywords or hashtags your audience is using will make it easier for them to find you.
Finding the right hashtags is key to reaching your target audience – there’s a range of tools you can use to help with this

Create a Content time Schedule:
Based on your objectives and the amount of content you have, you have to decide when and where to post your content.
remain current with topics in the industry or that relate to your audience.

Set Your Analytics:
it’s an essential part of improving your social media strategy.
pay attention to your follower growth, your posts, and more importantly, how engaged your audience is with your content

Keep an eye on the competition:
Watch what your competitors do well – and what doesn’t work so you don’t make the same mistakes.