Of course the main advantage of choosing a free website host is the fanancial advantage. But if your running a business and your web pressence is an important part of gaining your revenue, then the costs involved are small compared to the added ‘peace of mind’ that a paid hosting soluion would provide.

Here is our review of one of the best we have found by far so for in terms of the offer the standing of the company and the standard of the service.


AwardSpace Web Hosting.

One of the best and professional free hosts available in the UK!

We have been using them for a short while now, and have many clients who are sole traders & small medium sized business and so have had to research companies providing free hosting solutions for our clients needs.

Not only do they provide a reliable, high standard of service & tech solutions, but they also allow FREE .com domain transfers which is unheard of, no advertising on their sites, FTP accounts..

Now apart from building a website for free, what more do you need?

And their online support system means there is always someone to speak to.

Their free web hosting specs are as follows.

• 250 MB Disk Space

• 5 GB Traffic

• 1 Domain Hosting

• 3 Sub domains

• 1 MySQL(v.5) Database

• 100{e5b2a52a698b7ac24b4747d7df9b2f1d4e0e5626481084a83978708704ddc8c2} NO ADS

• PHP5 , Perl/CGI-BIN

• FTP Access

• 1 Email, SMTP, Webmail, POP3

• 1 Email/Spam Filter