WordPress SiteSpinner Starter Theme | Mark Digital Media

We are happy to present the SiteSpinner community with our solution for WordPress. Please note that this is only a work around until a more compatible version of SiteSpinner is developed. But we think you will find that this, and our guidelines will provide for all of your WordPress development needs until such a time […]

MDM underscores_ SiteSpinner WordPress Theme Set-up Guide | Mark Digital Media

Welcome to the The underscores_ SiteSpinner WP Framework tutorial. This package is designed to provide an ad-on to the SiteSpinner software to enable the current versions to produce WordPress themes. Before we get started make sure you have all the files needed for the process. Site Spinner Template Project File [underscores_ss.ims] Underscores Framework For Site […]

Underscores_ For SiteSpinner | Mark Digital Media

Underscores_ For SiteSpinner | Mark Digital Media

From the SiteSpinner website. Whether you are creating your first Home Page or designing Professional, Mobile Ready Websites you will find that our website design tools are easy to use, yet provide the advanced features you need. All our SiteSpinner products enable you to create multiple websites, allow you to publish to any web host, […]