Reddit – these rules. You can post content to your profile or create your own subreddit to post content to. You can be active in the comment sections of communities as well, offering advice and and tips when you do take part. You can also give out awards, which contributes to your karma in the end. Reddit now gives out daily free awards that you can give to meaningful contributions, where it used to cost a bit of money to give these out.

With all these restrictions, is marketing on reddit still worth it?

Yes. The idea behind social media marketing is to create an online presence of yourself and your business, and any social media aids in this. You want to have your brand out there as much as possible, and the way to do this, is to create as many social media accounts as possible.

Reddit is a fun social media to partake in as well, with kind strangers only jumping at the chance to help others.

The team at Mark Digital Media are experts when it comes to creating an online presence, using not only social media, but a few other tricks as well.