Right now with the current scare of the Coronavirus pandemic, we like everyone else has had to take measures to ensure ourselves and business are protected during this time. And we understand that not everyone will be able to go into full quarantine, so if you do stay in operation please make sure you and staff are taking all precautions for your business.

We thought it would be a good idea to share these hints and tips as there does appear to be a lot of confusion around all of this.


As we are dealing with a viral pandemic that travels through saliva then anyone working out in the public or enclosed spaces will need the right protection equipment.


Should be worn at all times in enclosed spaces just in case someone sneezes on our above you.


Should be worn at all times when moving about generally. Disposable gloves are perfect for this.


You need to create a ‘decontamination zone’ for your business. Usually the lobby of an office or home. Make sure all Goggles and Masks and jackets remain there and are not brought into the other areas.

Anything that needs to be brought into the main areas should be wiped down thoroughly with a soapy cloth. This should be done as soon as you establish these zones so you have peace of mind that there is no infection on your premises.


Your last line of defence to stop the virus from entering the body. So follow the given advice to wash hands regularly especially before you handle food. We recommended that if not at home and are in a safe zone in your office or workplace that you keep a pair of gloves on for everyday handling of items.

So when you need to eat you can remove the gloves knowing that your hands have not contacted any other surface.

From what we have seen reported and from our research, taking all of the above measures will ensure that you could come into contact with a person who is carrying the virus and not become infected.

So good luck to everyone. And stay safe out there!