Tumblr is a blogging social media network, and it is perfect for the everyday user as well as businesses.  It’s a platform to share blog posts to, and has a few nice tools to help you customise your blog.

Often people overlook this website, but it is the best way to start building your own fan club with the type of content that you post and share. If this post then also leads back to your website – all the better!

There are a total of 396 million blogs on Tumblr, and of that total, 1.1 billion users post on the platform each month. With that many unique individuals using the website, you cannot afford to miss using it.

Tumblr’s audience consists of many types of people, personalities and ages, and there is almost something for everyone.

When using this platform, you need to make sure that your content is aimed at the niche market that you are targeting. Slowly, but surely, you’ll build up your own little fan club, which is exactly what you want!

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