A backlink can be described as a link from one website to another.  Search engines, such as Google and Bing, use these backlinks to establish a ranking of your website when it filters through search items and where to place it when you do search for something.  If you have a higher ranking, it means the search engines believe that your content is noteworthy.

Having backlinks of high quality is ideal because it is here where your website will rank higher and it also plays a determining factor in how visible you are in search engine results.

Backlinks ultimately play a vital role in the search engine algorithm, in Search Engine Optimisation, and in attracting more visitors to your website.  An easy way to describe backlinks is to call it a conversation between websites.

At Mark Digital Media, we determine your backlinks and can advise you on whether on not you have a good backlink profile or not.  There is such a thing as negative backlinks, that causes Google and other search engines to punish your website and cause it to appear lower in search results.