An algorithm is a set of mathematical rules that specify how any group of data behaves. When it comes to social media, these rules assist the creators in maintaining order and help in ranking search results and advertisements.

Facebook, for example, has an algorithm that puts pages and content in a specific order. There are ways to get around the algorithm to get your posts and pages a lot more views than what you would get organically.

In October 2021, it was determined that there were about 4.5 billion internet users, and 57{e5b2a52a698b7ac24b4747d7df9b2f1d4e0e5626481084a83978708704ddc8c2} of these users are, in some way or form, busy on social media. The younger crowd is not a fan of Facebook, and go to Instagram or TikTok, even making careers as influences on these social media networks.

The mass of internet users is why the algorithms have been put in place. It is a lot of people to monitor and manage, and simply put, there are not enough people to undertake this task. The algorithm helps to gather whether the posted content is of any value or validity, and where on the hierarchy it should be placed.

This algorithm is what encourages people to post relevant and high-quality content to engage with their followers.

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