We are happy to present the SiteSpinner community with our solution for WordPress. Please note that this is only a work around until a more compatible version of SiteSpinner is developed.

But we think you will find that this, and our guidelines will provide for all of your WordPress development needs until such a time in the future.

Built on the underscores framework, this theme can be used as the starting point for any WordPress project. And unlike the free underscores theme, is in a more developed state & fully SiteSpinner ready.

List Of Features

*Basic Page Layout
*Default Styling
*Default Theme Options
*Custom Logo Options
*Default Menu Styling
*Page Templates
*Set-up Guide
*Bootstrap Responsive Footer

This is just the first version of this theme. We hope to develop it further to include more complex features and to be more wider reaching to the SiteSpinner community.

So for your support of only £10, not only will you be buying this development platform, but you will also get free updates in the future.

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Licence Details

Download The Raw Underscores Theme For SiteSpinner