7 Key Benefits of PPC For a Small Business

Finding new customers and converting current ones into regular is essential for a small company to achieve success in a competitive business environment. However, many small business owners are on a very tight budget, so they are hesitant to try new marketing strategies and techniques.

If your small business needs to start generating sales quickly, focusing solely on SEO would be a great mistake. In addition to SEO optimization, we suggest starting with a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign, as it will offer you a significantly better return on investment (ROI).

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Social Media Marketing Services for Businesses at Mark Digital Media

The number of social media users has doubled over the last 7 years reaching over 4 billion users worldwide. An average person has at least four different social media accounts. Nowadays, the majority of people use social media profiles not only to communicate but also to search for goods and services. Nowadays, over 50 percent […]

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Why use SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation – meaning what it sounds like:  we use certain search phrases to look for something, and we optimise your website for those search phrases, so that the right person finds you and your company.  Here at Mark Digital Media, we have a system that we use to make sure […]